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30 Perfect Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combination Ideas

These dreamy bedroom colour ideas make us want to refresh

Joanne Quinn By Joanne QuinnSenior Interior Designer

There are lots to choices to make when it comes to bedroom design (bedroom furniture, bedroom lighting, bedroom... gym equipment?) but, usually, the design starts with the all-important bedroom colour scheme. It's not a bad place to start since your bedroom colour scheme really sets the tone for the rest of the room.

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Your bedroom should be a glorious thing to wake up to in the morning and a haven to retire to at night so choose a bedroom colour which works well for you. This might be one place to ignore trends, unless a particular trend just so happens to resonate with you.

Create a room which you love being in and which feels just right for your personal style; one which is as restful as it is inspiring and welcoming.

Whether punchy accent colours or tonal single-shade palettes, these bedroom colour ideas are the inspiration you need to envision your dream bedroom.

Neutral Bedroom Colour Schemes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Palettes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Hernandez Greene

Bedroom Colour Scheme 1: A Timeless Neutral Bedroom

A neutral palette like Hernandez Greene’s Upper West Side bedroom design will always be a classic and a hotel-like experience is guaranteed by its crisp white linens. Its season-less vibe works throughout the year from fresh spring days to cosy winter evenings and can be accessorised with any bedroom colour idea, making it a complete design chameleon. Add cohesive but interesting features (that chandelier is incredible!) for a look which is serene and considered.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Brown and Blue Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Joyce Wang

Bedroom Colour Idea 2: Brown and Blue Bedroom

Masculine and strong, the combination of brown and blue is a sublime choice for the bedroom. Use gold accents to lift the space and to add a modern touch. Here, Joyce Wang has installed golden stripes on the wall that mimic the subtle rivets in the clear elements in the furniture. Wanting to give this look a go? Stick to one tone of wood and limit the blue hues to a only a few, so as not to make the space too busy, balance the strong lines and masculine colours with round accessories to create a softer look.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Cream and Rust Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: 1508 London

Bedroom Colour Idea 3: Cream and Rust Bedroom

This 1508 London bedroom is a masterclass in using prime colours in an understated way. An otherwise muted palette allows for the rust and cobalt blue to be centre stage without the space feeling overwhelmingly vibrant. Paired with playful furniture and an array of layered textures, this space is a modern interior designer’s delight.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Yellow and Blue Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Dauley Designs

Bedroom Colour Idea 4: Yellow and Blue Bedroom

A classic and mature pairing for a reason, mustard yellow and teal work harmoniously in almost every space and are the perfect choice for a unisex bedroom. An excellent way to give a neutral bedroom a twist, a bold choice of cushions allows for a safe way to play with colour if it’s a step outside of your comfort zone. And the best part? Simply switch the cushions out when you start craving a whole new look.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Beige Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Gilles & Boissier

Bedroom Colour Idea 5: Beige Bedroom

A colour you'll never tire of, beige is a classic choice for a peaceful bedroom. By using a muted palette and a hint of symmetry, Gilles & Boissier have allowed the focus to be on the room's best feature, the French balcony doors, which provide a source of ever-changing light throughout the year. Textured walls and panelling can help to make a minimal room more dynamic. Style with your most treasured art pieces to add pockets of intrigue, and allow them the attention they deserve.

Bedroom Colour Idea 6: Yellow Bedroom

For this Notting Hill home, Katharine Pooley opted for a colour often overlooked in the design world: yellow. Whilst the bright shade can be intimidating upon initial inspection, its uplifting properties shouldn’t go ignored. After all, what could be better than waking up to a colour associated with sunshine to start your day? Draw inspiration from Pooley’s work and focus the upbeat shade on the bed with either a duvet or a blanket. Tie the colour into the room with paintings and cushions in subtle yellow prints. Stick to neutral walls with a similar undertone to the yellow you’ve chosen and enjoy your new joyous space.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Grey and Gold Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Delia Kenza

Bedroom Colour Idea 7: Grey and Gold Bedroom

The perfect choice for those wanting something a bit more unconventional. Grey and gold makes for a dynamic and bold pairing that will create the edge you’ve been wanting. This particular bedroom, located in a largely monochromatic home, is evidence that dark walls don’t have to feel ominous. Touches of gold stand out wonderfully against the grey and brighten the room, adding a more feminine touch. Keep the ceilings and window frames white and bright ensure your room doesn’t appear far smaller than it is.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Neutrals and Pink Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: David Collins Studio

Bedroom Colour Idea 8: Neutrals and Pink Bedroom

If a bright and feminine bedroom is what you’re after, then this colour scheme might be an option to consider. When paired, pink and cool toned neutrals work wonderfully to create a tranquil bedroom that’s perfect for de-stressing at the end of the day. Not only will this combination make your room feel much larger and your ceilings much higher than they are, it will also enhance any natural light that comes in. Choose furniture with pink undertones and accessorise with mixed metals to give the space character.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Gold and Brown Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Millier

Bedroom Colour Idea 9: Gold and Brown Bedroom

An excellent example of how gold can feel mature and sophisticated. By focussing all of the detail to one distinctive zone, millier have prevented the room looking too busy and have inadvertently elevated a simple headboard to something that now resembles an art piece. Grounding the space with dark brown furniture and cream walls makes for a paired back, yet luxurious take on the opulent guilding. Create symmetry with wall sconces and bedside tables for added elegance.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Red and Purple Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Sara Cosgrove

Bedroom Colour Idea 10: Red and Purple Bedroom

For a more intimate and moody feel, consider opting for rich jewel tones like deep reds and purples. When using a more intense colour scheme, colour blocking is one way to avoid the impression that too much is going on. Stick to solid colours on fabrics such as velvet and silk to keep the space feeling tactile and varied without the need to introduce pattern. Here, Sara Cosgrove has contrasted the warm reds with cool toned greys which balance the space perfectly.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | brown and Neutral Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Helen Green Design

Bedroom Colour Idea 11: Brown and Neutral Bedroom

This simple yet stunning bedroom is the epitome of understated luxury. A neutral colour scheme, punctuated with warm toned browns is as classic a look as you can get. In this home, the dark wood has cleverly been used to create distinction and structure in the soft space, the bedframe and the pendant light work to mimic the linear structure of the vast window and provide detail in this minimal palette. Balance the soft textures with the strength of the wood, and the light with the dark to recreate this stunning space.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Navy and Brown Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Greg Natale

Bedroom Colour Idea 12: Navy and Brown Bedroom

As with most spaces designed by Greg Natale, this bedroom is unsurprisingly all about texture and pattern. A master at making the impossible seem possible, Natale demonstrates how clashing prints and unlikely colour schemes can still create a space which is perfect for unwinding in. Layer textures of the same shade to create depth. Clashing prints can take a few attempts to perfect. Opt for patterns of different sizes, like Natale does with the Chinoiserie lamp, zebra cushion and tartan throw, to play with scale and avoid them competing for attention.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Grey & Blue Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Elicyon

Bedroom Colour Idea 13: Grey and Blue Bedroom

Wallpaper is an easy way to combine colours into a colour scheme. Choose two shades in the wallpaper and tie them into the rest of the room. Here the soft grey and pale blue work together to make a relaxing and muted space. Bring the shades into the headboard and pillows, layering different tones to avoid anything feeling too matchy-matchy. Elevate with golden accessories like a bedside lamp or frame and enjoy a bedroom that is as peaceful as it is charming.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Blue, Red and Mustard Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at LuxDeco.come

Image Credit: Beata Heuman

Bedroom Colour Idea 14: Blue, Red and Mustard Bedroom

Known for her love of colour, Beata Heuman has proven yet again that mixing multiple colours can still lead to a tasteful space. In this bedroom, a pale blue shade lines the walls and a velvet mustard sofa guards the end of the bed atop of a woven red rug. By keeping the artwork neutral and the rest of the room colourful, Heuman has done the opposite of what the rest of us might first think to do. But, in doing so, she has balanced the space and in turn created a playful and fresh environment. Want a bedroom like this one? Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures, the key to this space is using pieces you love and that tell a story.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | White, Brown and Blue Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Brady Williams

Bedroom Colour Idea 15: White, Brown and Blue Bedroom

This Brady Williams room is an example of how crisp and clean is always a reliable palette choice. The white walls and bedding emphasise the natural light in the space making it appear larger and contribute to its undeniably calming atmosphere. By grounding the room with darker furniture the room feels balanced and creates contrast for added detail. The strong lines and symmetrical nature of the space makes the room feel fuss free and minimalistic. Add a touch of blue on the bed for warmth and you can create a space as peaceful as this to unwind and relax in.

Popular Bedroom Colour Schemes | Green and Gold Bedroom Idea | Discover the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Millier

Bedroom Colour Idea 16: Green and Gold Bedroom

Quickly becoming a more popular choice, green has found its way into many interior designer’s mood boards. Here, an olive shade appears on the walls and the bed upholstery, unifying the room and providing a warm undertone. Treat green as you would a neutral and don’t be afraid to layer in a multitude of shades and textures. Gold features found here in the artwork and the rug, prevent the green feeling drab or outdated.

Blue Bedroom Colour Schemes | Taylor Howes | Discover luxury interiors in the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Taylor Howes


The first thing to be noted about this tonal Taylor Howes scheme is just how tranquil it is. Blue colour schemes for bedrooms will forever be a go-to for spaces which need a little (or a lot) of calm.

The bedroom’s quilted upholstery and bedspread reiterate the grid lines of a custom leather headboard and add further comfort to the look.

Paris Bedroom Colour Schemes | Jean-Louis Deniot | Discover luxury interiors in the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Jean-Louis Deniot


In true Parisian style, Jean-Louis Deniot understands that subtlety is the pinnacle of style. He chose a bedroom colour combination of slightly tinted tones for this apartment, located on the sartorial highroad of the Avenue Montaigne.

The pared back bedroom colour palette allows statement wall art, gilded tones and an urchin-punctuated mirror to be introduced without being too bold.

Purple and pink Bedroom Colour Palettes - Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Katharine Pooley


Forget the stigma attached to such a feminine colour palette, subdued berry tones and purple-washed neutrals make an elegant bedroom colour combination.

Katharine Pooley forgoes her trademark azure tones in favour of this master bedroom colour scheme. The delicate framework of two cross-base stools (a bench version would work equally well) and a pearly oyster-hued rug elevate the space to ladylike chic.

neutral and blue Bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Helen Green


If you have a larger space (or even if your space is smaller and you love the intimate vibe), consider including slightly deeper tones in your bedroom colour palette for a rich but balanced scheme. This welcoming colour palette of dark warm greys, blueberry and beiges is so inviting and the earthy tones maintains a level of serenity. Lighter woods (seen here in Helen Green Design’s betulla-finished chest) add an elegant lightness to a space.

This bedroom colour scheme capitalises on textures (fringed cushions are in) and creates unexpected contrasts with a colourful cloud of magenta hydrangeas which can be switched out for autumnal blooms later in the year.

Peach and Grey Bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Katharine Pooley


Grey colour schemes for bedrooms has been the neutral du jour for a long time now and not in the least for its ability to make previously repellant colours absolutely covetable. Who would’ve thought that peach could be completely transformed with the help of the unassuming neutral? Kudos, grey.

This airy twin bedroom applies the pastel carefully but without trepidation to the room’s pure white wood panelling backdrop, giving the beds’ end stools a colourful pop. Master tricky hues by sticking to simple materials and reserve textures (like these shagreen bedside tables and basket weave headboards) or complicated patterns for neutrals. For more inspiration, read our article on grey bedrooms.

Baby Blue and Cream bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Intarya


Choosing a predominant bedroom colour scheme and backing it with enthusiasm is daring but often pays off like in this composed bedroom. Never has baby blue seemed more appealing!

A starburst headboard offers a modern take on Art Deco as does a matching chaise longue, which is reminiscent of glamorous old Hollywood movies. Deeper colour accents are found here and there in the room’s accessories but the focus always remains on the breathy soft blue.

brown and cream bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: 1508 London


For those who are nervous about returning to the warmer side of the colour wheel, this 1508 London bedroom might be all the convincing you need.

Nutmeg-hued upholstery pairs beautifully with luxurious creamy tones like whisper white and sheer pink in a nod to smart but sophisticated. These bedroom colour combinations work particularly well with dark woods and tend to suit transitional homes which aim to preserve traditional aesthetics.

See the full project here.

Lime and Neutral Bedroom Colour Palettes - - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Laura Hammett


Relaxed but possessing character, this is a perfect example of how a neutral colour scheme for bedrooms can be enhanced with different accent colours and how colour trends can be brought in as time goes on.

Laura Hammett updates the space with the sharp tang of its celery green cushion and bedspread border whilst a touch of mineral green in the rug brings the colour in in a deeper dimension.

Purple and Gold Bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Laura Hammett


A classic case of contrasting bedroom colours, the antique gold and plums of this Belgravia mews project pair together perfectly and are favourites for fans of rich tones.

Style the commanding duo with pink-based neutrals to create a look which is breezy yet mature. Billowy white sheers finishes the look in this bedroom colour scheme.

Neutral & Navy Bedroom Colour Schemes | Katharine Pooley | Discover luxury interiors in the Luxurist at

Image Credit: Katharine Pooley


A blue and white bedroom colour palette is intrinsically nautical making this a timeless fair weather look. By using a richer navy and deepening the white to a pearl and pale silver, the aesthetic is instantly made more luxurious.


Image Credit: LuxDeco


The mixed metals trend is still making serious headway so think about subtly mixing metallic colours in fabrics too.

This glamorous Townhouse Collection bedroom colour idea features satiny gold and silver Missoni with a table lamp by Pieter Adam. Its transparent glass and metallic inner is a modern take on the traditional buffet lamp.

To master the look, ground golds and silvers (both vibrant and muted tones) with a beige and white foundation for a bedroom colour combination that’s a little bit special.

Grey and Teal Bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Peter Mikic


Sharp and brilliantly ambiguous, this Peter Mikic bedroom colour combination perfects the art of unisex bedroom design. A botanical print in black and cream adorns a curved chaise longue, mixing a whimsical aesthetic with uncomplicated design. The chaise sits in the corner of a warm grey and cream space which mixes luxurious finishes with handsome one. The jolt of the teal glass table lamp and the headboard wall’s cobalt blue painting brings depth to the room.

When adopting this bedroom colour palette, proportion is key. Blend the hues appropriately by using a ratio of lights to darks in favour of the lights.

Brown Bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Finchatton


A bedroom colour idea that will endure through spring, summer, autumn and winter, this Finchatton bedroom employs a tonal array of muted purple tones for an effortlessly chic space which draws on the rustic side of the palette.

Ikat curtains, herringbone weaves and casual geometric patterns are the last word in contemporary rustic. Plus, the warm tones create a cocoon-like vibe which makes this kind of bedroom colour a winner on all fronts.

White and Black Bedroom Colour Palettes - Bedroom Colour Ideas - Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combinations – LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: 1508 London


The slick black of this bedroom’s cabinets is an easy way to ground a large, airy space. Used in moderation with relaxed light neutrals, à la 1508 London, black is a classic choice regardless of the time of year. Flawless finishes give this bedroom colour combination a sleek look but this colour palette would work equally well with rustic woods and tactile muslins.

Learn the effect of your bedroom colour of choice with our article on colour psychology.

Header Image Credit: Millier